ksplice raw utilities not working on recent kernels

So I finally got the official response from ksplice about my previous post on the topic:

“Ksplice does not provide support for the raw Ksplice utilities.”

This also means that they won’t be updating their git repository either. It is obvious to me that they have updated their code internally, but have no intention of releasing it to anyone else.

So for the time being, we are all SOL on the matter. Maybe they will change their mind in the future, but I doubt it. Can’t blame a business for wanting to keep things close to their chest.

So now I’ll be looking for someone with enough expertise in the linux kernel to fork the ksplice code and get it to work on recent kernels, if it doesn’t eventually end up being me. I really like the notion of hot-patching in security features, and for a lot of the grsecurity features, the simple method used in tpe-lkm simply won’t cut it.

Until then, guess it’s back to work on the project I have going to automatically build and publish grsecurity kernel packages for RHEL.

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