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So the glguard thing didn’t go anywhere

I previously talked about wrapping glibc functions and the possibility of doing a mandatory control system out of it. Well, the short version is, it doesn’t work right on multi-arch systems, which is pretty much a deal breaker for me. So unless you want this error spat out on every single command that is ran:

ERROR: object '/usr/lib/' from /etc/
       cannot be preloaded: ignored.

Then you’re SOL. Oh well, it was worth a try. On to other things!

Bug reported and fixed in tpe-lkm, new version ready

Early this morning I got a bug report from someone that, when the full path to a file is sufficiently long enough, a denied execution of it will throw a NULL pointer exception in the kernel. This evening I researched the issue and coded in a fix. Basically, the error reporting tried to print out a NULL pointer under those conditions. How embarrassing for me to not notice this.

If you’re using the tpe-lkm module, you’ll want to update it. I’ve also bumped the version number.

Many thanks to Panos Sakkos for the bug report!

Intercepting glibc functions

The other day I came across an old forum post about logging exec calls to syslog without modifying code anywhere. I was intrigued; I didn’t know you could hook into glibc function calls like this. I wonder how far can this go? Naturally, I decided to take a quick whack at it myself, and I ended up coding a very basic implementation of Trusted Path Execution with it. I got good (although puzzling) results:

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grsecurity kernel rpm spec file for EL6

I used to maintain a grsecurity kernel rpm repository, but haven’t kept it online due to lack of proper build infrastructure. The servers, the code, the effort in keeping everything working order – I admire what the CentOS guys have put together, and look forward to the possibility of them releasing their reimzul for everyone to use. Maybe one day I’ll do the repository thing again.

Anyway, I get asked occasionally about the rpms, if I still make them, and how they were made. So, in the absence of me pre-building the RPM files, here is my kernel-grsec rpm spec file that I used to build them. Hope you find it useful.

tpe-lkm is ready for a wider deployment

About a year ago, I posted about me coding a TPE module for distribution kernels. In that time I’ve added some features, fixed some bugs, and deployed it to all of my non-grsecurity systems. With the last known outstanding bug (that I know about) being fixed a little over two weeks ago (and tested) I’m excited to say that, you guessed it, tpe-lkm is ready for wider deployment.

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Repacking an RPM from files on the system

Have you ever had an RPM installed on the system that you needed installed on another system, but didn’t have the .rpm file for it? Or, have you wanted to make a .rpm file with just a minor change without having to completely rebuilt it? Or perhaps forge an RPM with some naughty scripts or binaries in it? ;)

Check out my rpm-repack script. Simply run it with the package name that’s installed on the system:

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Monitor time drift with nagios and snmp

The other day I threw together a script that simply checks the remote’s time against the monitor host’s time. It’s fairly straight forward, and will alert you when host’s time drift too much, indicating that your ntpd configuration is bad. I had to do some custimizations to it, because not all hosts have the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrSystemDate.0 option. For hosts that don’t it falls-back to the UCD-SNMP-MIB::versionCDate.0 option.

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