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I’m now a user of StackOverflow

After a few years of leeching answers from StackOverflow (arriving there from various google searches), I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and create an account there. Turns out, I really like the interface. It’s complete with voting systems, commenting, and achievement porn. Yes, I actually said it, achievement porn. Something not real that give you a high, and a craving for more.

You earn “badges” for doing various things, and I have quite a few already. Not because I wanted to get them, hell, I don’t even know what they all are. But they’re there, and I’m getting them. Woo hoo!

package dependency hell

Today I noticed that on my new virtual server, the time was in MSD (Moscow Daylight Time). I then tried to enter the system-config-date command. It was not available, which I thought was odd. I’ve always used that to change the timezone, and never bothered to look up the configuration file that it edits.

So I did a yum install. To my amazement, this is what I saw:

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