Where did all my free time go?

As a rule, I try to keep my personal life off my blog. This post is evidence of my total failure to do that. While I consider the writing of my book part of my professional career, the reasons for this post are personal.

Today the StarCraft II “Heart of the Swarm” preview hit the web. I instantly jumped all over it and read every detail I could. If it isn’t already apparent, I’m nuts about that game. I play it almost daily, and am in the Diamond league (top 20 percentile of players).

By now you should already have the answer to the question that is the title of this post. I spend way too much of what little free time I have playing StarCraft, when I should really be spending that time writing my book. I’ve missed deadlines, under delivered on content,  you know, the kinds things the publisher doesn’t want. I feel really bad about this, and want to make amends.

Well today with the release of the sneak peek of “Heart of the Swarm” I came to realize the obvious; I can’t control myself when it comes to this game, so I need to stop. If I don’t finish this book before that expansion comes out, my book will be delayed even further. So, as of a few hours ago, StarCraft II is uninstalled from my computer. Until my book is being printed in production, I officially quit playing all computer games of any kind (not that I play anything other than StarCraft, but might as well say “all”).

There. Now I can still ask the question, but the answer will be different: “Writing in my book, furthering my career” instead of “wasting my time on some game”.

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