My first book review starts today

Last week I completed the first draft of Part 1 of my book on Linux Security (chapters 1 through 4). I just got word that it’s been sent out for review, and expect to get them back in a few weeks. I’m nervous as hell about this review, mostly because it’s my first time writing a book.

At first I was not too happy that it took me this long to get this out the door, I started writing about 6 months ago. But considering how much time I’ve spent on other parts of this book, ie, note collecting, organization, re-organization, etc, it’s not that it took me that long to write 4 chapters, it took me that long to finally settle on what this book will cover and how it will be organized, and then write the chapters.

And let’s not forget how much time I wasted on playing StarCraft II since it came out. So glad I finally kicked that habit.

I imagine I’ll be making more revisions to the first part of the book than I make to the rest of the book. I have that feeling because it’s not as technical as I’d like it to be, though I’m not covering the most technical of material in this part of the book. So we’ll see what the reviewers think. Even if they all give it raving reviews, I’ll end up revising these chapters after the rest of the book is finished anyway.

I look forward to smoother writing of the rest of the chapters – of which I have endless pages of notes for. Wish me luck!

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