My own private protest

I’ve noticed that I have started to put on some weight (again). The last time my weight started to go up, I counted calories, and managed to get the weight down and stable for a little over a year. This time, however, I’m going to do something different about it.

In the spirit of the various “Occupy” protests lately, I’ve decided to start my own private protest:

Occupy Kitchen

Instead of eating out most nights, I’m going to occupy my kitchen, and make proper use of the space. While I can’t force my wife to cook me food, I can always cook myself something. Maybe it’ll even bring back some college memories of eating nothing but Ramen. Maybe eventually I’ll learn how to cook, if only through trial and error. I know I’ll make a lot of food fail between now and then, but hey, I’m a guy, I’ll eat almost anything.

I’ll still indulge my wife with getting her the takeout, since that precedent has already been established and is a hard nut to crack. But maybe, just maybe, she’ll eventually follow my example and cook some more herself. She makes great tasting food, she just doesn’t like cooking.

I’d actually like to become a (most of the time) vegetarian (part-time meat eater). But, one step at a time.

Wish me luck!

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