Repacking an RPM from files on the system

Have you ever had an RPM installed on the system that you needed installed on another system, but didn’t have the .rpm file for it? Or, have you wanted to make a .rpm file with just a minor change without having to completely rebuilt it? Or perhaps forge an RPM with some naughty scripts or binaries in it? 😉

Check out my rpm-repack script. Simply run it with the package name that’s installed on the system:

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You can find my stuff on GitHub

I’ve been using GitHub a lot more lately, and have found it to be a great service. So, this is me officially saying that any code I reference you should be able to find in one of my github repositories. If I’ve mentioned something to you that isn’t in there, call me out on it; I’ll get it up ASAP.

In order to be more transparent, I’ve started pushing more stuff there. For example, I recently updated my rogue-beret-tools repository with my various snmp nagios plugins (which, by the way, you can also find on my account at Nagios Exchange). I’ve started polishing up some of my scripts and putting them in there as well. I also added a directory for rpm spec files, such as my grsecurity kernel rpm spec file.

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nagios snmp check all disks plugin

Having to manage a wide array of servers with vastly different disk configurations, I found that things began to be very tedious with the nagios configuration file for disks checks. It seemed as if no two server disk configuration was the same, and coming up with a scheme to have different partitions be a consistent index number across systems was proving to be difficult.

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