nagios snmp check all disks plugin

Having to manage a wide array of servers with vastly different disk configurations, I found that things began to be very tedious with the nagios configuration file for disks checks. It seemed as if no two server disk configuration was the same, and coming up with a scheme to have different partitions be a consistent index number across systems was proving to be difficult.

So, over the weekend I coded a nagios plugin to check all disks via snmp. It’s similar to my other nagios snmp plugins, but it uses snmpwalk instead of snmpget. It queries all disks, gets their names, and reports usage based on each disk. It has the ability to only check specific disks, or to ignore certain ones, but by default it checks them all.

Perhaps “partition” would be a better name than “disk” here, but oh well. I’m not going to go back and change it.

Anyway, hope you find this useful. It’s certainly made my life a lot easier.

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