A day in the life

Today it occurred to me that, while my life today was as normal and boring as usual, I don’t remember what I did on this weekday last week, let alone a month ago. Just another boring day, right? Well, that’s not true at all. Every day, good or bad, deserves to be remembered, even if only by the person who experienced.

And so it beings…

I had a rule; “don’t blog about your personal life”. There are lots of reasons why, and now all of them seem completely irrelevant. You see, I decided one day that I weighed too much, and did this whole Occupy Kitchen thing. Mostly a spur of the moment decision, but as it turns out, I’ve lost over 10% of my body weight since then, and it’s still falling rapidly. Not only do I have more energy, but I have a certain expanded clarity of thought.

This clarity of thought has been making me re-analyze all kinds of things. Today I realized just what I said in the first paragraph, that every day really ought to be remembered, for better or worse. I now thinking back to my younger days about writing in a journal, it’s interesting to see what I thought – and how I felt – about the random stuff that happened.

What’s a journal in this day and age? A blog. “Hey, wait a minute, I have one of those!”. So, to hell with my not writing about my personal life rule. This is me starting to talk about my personal life – in addition to my tech life – so that I can remember it, and so that you can too.

For a while now I’ve thought from time to time about starting this or that kind of themed blog, gain a readership, ????, profit. That’s part of why I had interest in writing a book (which is still not done yet, more on that another time). Well, now I can talk about those things, but not feel obligated to always post about them, because I’m posting about everything else too.

On this day forward, I blog as much as I can, even if it’s just a simple photo. A picture is worth a thousands words anyway, right? I can thank my wife for that idea, it’s what she does on her blog on days she’s got nothing to say.

Hope you enjoy what’s to come.

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