It’s been a year since I got my book contract

As much as I’d like to use this opportunity to announce its completion, that’s not the case. Instead, I’ll mimic Blizzard Entertainment and say I’ll publish it when it’s ready. Not a good idea to rush the creative process, right?

However, I have made a lot of progress which I’ll detail here.

Subject-matter, organization, and topic wise, I’m about 90% done. Word-count wise, I’m maybe 70% done. Semi-polished draft-form manuscript wise (in chapter format, etc), I’m about 40% done.

So what’s been the major holdup? Well, two things. 1) I have four small children and a wife who don’t like to stay in-doors, and we’ve had a very mild winter. 2) For the past year I’ve been doing too many things at once. Quite recently during my moments of clarity I realized I had to learn to say “no” to a portion of what was on my plate so that I could truly free up my time, which includes me stopping the StarCraft II play time I had given up before but had started up again a few months later.

Good news though, I just signed on a co-author. He’s a good friend of mine and has accepted my “plea for help”. He’s used Linux for at least twice as long as I have, and is a former professor. So, when you read the book, any of the boring parts we can blame on him. Kidding, of course.

Very soon the polished parts of my book will get uploaded to MEAP and people who pre-order it will actually get to read it as it’s being written / edited, along with having the book delivered as soon as it is finally published. It’s a very cool system where you can publish your feedback in a forum setting. For anyone interested in this, contact me and I’ll set you up. I’ll post about this again when it goes live.

So, wish me luck. I plan to get a finished copy out the door before this year’s end.

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