Abstract sent to LinuxCon

So I’ve decided to see if I can get a speaking slot at LinuxCon in San Diego this year. Here is the abstract that I sent them. Wish me luck!

I will talk about hooking into pre-compiled distribution linux kernels to add security hardening. This allows for certain security frameworks to be used on kernels that are either 1) too old, 2) don’t have certain config flags set, or 3) don’t use non-mainline security patches. The primary example I’ll be discussing is my implementation of “Trusted Path Execution” as a linux kernel module, the source code of which is here: https://github.com/cormander/tpe-lkm . I may also demo installing AppArmor on a RHEL6 system via a kernel module, if I get the module stable before July.

The audience would be system administrators and developers who manage systems that they can not change the kernel on, or don’t want to manage custom kernel builds. This is important because it allows access to kernel hardening to a lot of people who have their hands tied either by policy or lack of experience.

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