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Day Trips Galore

It’s the American Dream; a family singing in harmony while on the open road, traveling to a destination everyone wants to go to, and stopping at a series of tourist traps.

Are you kidding me? For my young family, travel has never been anything like that. Years of “I feel carsick!” and “are we there yet?” echo through my mind. Add the cost of gas to that, and it hardly seemed worth it. Why pay a bunch of money just to have everyone constantly complaining? We took a long road trip maybe once or twice each year, and day trips weren’t something of desire.

That is, until we got our Model S.

Four Smiling Faces


You see that? There’s something about the Model S that’s transformed the perception of road trips amongst my children. My best guess is it’s because they don’t get carsick anymore; it was a major problem. Then we got Model S, and suddenly it wasn’t. There’s also the cool factor of a sleek looking environmentally friendly high performance vehicle compared to the sputtering mommy-mobile we were driving before. The car is simply much more fun to be in.

The 6 months since we got the car have been the aforementioned American Dream. Sans the singing, of course – that’s a little too cliche for my taste. Also, I don’t ever hear “are we there yet?” anymore. The kids have figured out how to read the map on the 17 inch touchscreen. I’ve now got four budding orienteering specialists on my hands.

Getting the Travel Giggles

I don’t have the performance Model S, but the car still has plenty of kick. When the stop light turns green and I’m up front, the rear view mirror fills with other cars still seemingly at a stand-still, and I’m not even flooring it. On occasion when I do, like when getting onto the freeway, the car’s interior echos with the giggles of happy children asking for more. Recently when I joked that after regular trips to the local theme park that the car must feel sad that it’s always taking us there, but never getting to ride any of the rides, a child quickly informed me that the car itself is a roller coaster ride.


The Car is a Fortress

You could call Model S a Fortress. Not only because it has the highest safety rating of any car ever made, but because there’s so much room in it! Take the drive-in theater, for example. Most people bring lawn chairs, or sit in the back of their pick-up truck. Few actually stay in their vehicle because it’s cramped and uncomfortable. Not this car – pop the hatchback, fold down all the sets, and you’ve got plenty of space to just veg out.



Frequent Road Trips

Previous to Model S, long road trips were maybe once or twice a year. Now, they’re almost monthly, and that’s not counting weekend day trips. Before, going places was a chore. Now, we’re always going somewhere, and I have the supercharger network to thank for that. Being concerned over the price of gasoline is a distant memory, as now we can go literally anywhere the road can take us without paying a dime for fuel.

In 6 months of ownership, we’ve put over 12,500 miles on the car. The only problem is, we’re only just past halfway through the year, and I’ve used all my vacation days!


Reconnecting With Our Past

In looking for places to go and things to do, we discovered a ghost town nearby with roots to our past. I was raised in the small town of Laie, Hawaii, where two of my kids were born before we left for Utah. In the nearly 10 years we’ve lived here, we hadn’t heard of the place; an old colony of Hawaiians who settled in Utah. The only reason we discovered it is because of Model S motivating us to seek out places to go. It was a great day trip, and we’ll be going back, thanks to the Tesla Supercharger station in Tooele County.

Aloha Iosepa

A Family Legacy

I have no plans to sell Model S, nor buy a gas car ever again. When my little ones outgrow the jump seats, we’ll be buying a Model X. It just so happens that at that time, my oldest daughter will be driving age. Her first driving experience will be in an electric vehicle. It is my hope that all of my children will enjoy the awesomeness that is this car, and never have to press the peddle of a gas powered car in their life.

My own private protest

I’ve noticed that I have started to put on some weight (again). The last time my weight started to go up, I counted calories, and managed to get the weight down and stable for a little over a year. This time, however, I’m going to do something different about it.

In the spirit of the various “Occupy” protests lately, I’ve decided to start my own private protest:

Occupy Kitchen

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