Here is a growing collection of things that I’ve said the I (or someone else) has found it worth quoting. Yes, I can be that full of myself sometimes. We all say some pretty great things, we just don’t tend to write them down.

  • I wish I paid more attention to my high-school English teacher, and less to her daughter.
  • Atheism is a religious belief, just like zero is a real number.
  • When I say “go fsck yourself”, I mean “go examine yourself for problems and correct them”. Though, the other word’s meaning might still apply, too.
  • Don’t judge a penguin by its ability to clean a window.
  • Whenever I hear an intelligent person say something incredibly stupid, it makes me wonder how often I end up saying something incredibly stupid.
  • No idea is original, someone just manged to get it working first.
  • We’re all bat-shit crazy. What really matters is how much – and how often – we show it.

More to come and I unwittingly say them.

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